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Finished all the games from 2001

Posted by Dankdadd - April 24th, 2020

So after a few months of work I have finally finished all the games from 2001. Honestly, I thought I'd be getting some more attention by now, but my resolve to complete all the games is as absolute as ever. Just as 2000 I will make a list of my top 10 favorites when I get around to it, probably won't make videos as I thought I would. I added a new playlist "Games that make me want to die." These games are pretty terrible, and often I give them zero stars, but that's not always the case. As a note, though I doubt this will be an issue, don't go and blam these games yourself because I don't want the history of the portal to be erased.

If you're reading this and like what I'm doing, give me a follow, I'd appreciate it.

I have so far completed 1,555 games.



Thank you for your sacrifice, but... why?

Well, I always enjoyed Newgrounds, so that's easy enough to be the reason to play all the games on the site, but it goes a little deeper than that. I owe Newgrounds for saving me from a rough time in my life, and it always inspired me to be a creator in some fashion. It's kinda sad to see that Newgrounds is out of it's "golden age" and I wanted to do something about it. I hope when I get to current day my reviews are refined and help to inspire creators and even further to nurture human creativity. That is the ultimate goal. Maybe putting it like that is a little tacky, but it's how I feel.

This is really cool! Congrats man! :)

"I have so far completed 1,555 games."
You did that in 6 months? You're a maniac.

yeah, I slowed down a bit though since I wanted to get more into some game development and music making. I'll probably get back in the grind in like a week or so.

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