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First one is still my favorite so far, and the fact that the background has never changed at all is worrisome. Animation hasn't improved by much, but the jokes were pretty alright this time around. I noticed you can click on the girls tits, and although stupid, I found it chuckle worthy. Jon shooting himself at the end was kinda unnecessary, lashing out was something expected, but the way you portrayed it wasn't really that funny.

Didn't mention this in the other reviews, but I do appreciate the whole picture of the day and sound clip of the day thing. Keeps a sense of routine and usually they are in good taste.

Pretty much the same thing but with subtitles, not worse, and honestly the subtitles help quite a bit for some of the words, but your really shouldn't re-upload something twice because you want more attention from it.

The jokes just weren't as funny this time around, especially since porn is so much more accessible and acceptable now. I can't say that this one improved at all from the first, and I think it was shorter. Yet again, I hope the background gets an update.

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I expected nothing less from a game so important to portal history, and even though it's only a demo of a full game put into flash, it's still stands out amazingly among the other submissions at the time.

The art and animation was smooth and overall good looking. Especially after playing Battleblock Theater, I've fallen in love with even the earlier forms of Dan's art style.

The music and sound effects all contributed well to the theme, and gave a comedic relief as well from both the screams when you landed on the agents heads, or the comical chomp sound when you bite it off.

While playing I couldn't notice any major bugs or errors whatsoever, just that it was difficult, but not impossible. Now seeing that there is a newer game coming out, you've probably already thought of this, but being able to shoot diagonally could make the game have more dynamic.

Even though it was tough as nails, it was also a ton of fun. I'll probably be purchasing the full game soon. Nice job guys.

Simple dress up game that looked half decent, and had the option to undress...

There weren't really a whole lot of options here, would've been nice if there were an actual wardrobe, or if you used something besides the standard drag and drop features.

It was an attempt, but you really should've had the keys hold out when you pressed and held on a key instead of playing over and over in a glitchy manner. The beats were okay, not great though, and generally don't go well with a solo piano.

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Very catchy, but it doesn't loop very well for a loop, there's a second of silence before it starts up again, nothing a quick cut can't fix.

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Damn, this is both gorgeous and hilarious. The fact that made the ketchup on the hamburger look like blood is quite the detail. Overall it looks well shaded besides the leg.

Aw man, I loved Celeste when I played it, so seeing this made me smile.

The art overall seems pretty good, reminds me of the gif that shows up at the end of Chapter 6: Reflection where she finally bonds with Badeline. Only problem I see with it is the shading around the neck, I'm no artist so I have a problem explaining it, but it seems a little off?

Okuzo responds:

thanks man! and yeah, its the color of the line, maybe i should've darken it a little, thanks for the observation

Honestly I've loved this meme since it came out, and it still isn't stale yet. This artwork is also amazing, it has such a dramatic setting and shading compared to the simple cute smile of Isabelle, making a very humorous contrast. Very nice.

I'm gonna waste my time playing and reviewing all the games on Newgrounds and nobody can stop me

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